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For the vast majority of visitors you will only travel in the two most central zones 1 and 2. Heathrow Airport for example is in Zone 6. Use an Oyster card to pay as you go to travel on our transport. Travelling via zone 1. The London Underground (Tube) has a network of 11 lines and is the world’s first underground railway. Top up anytime, anywhere and manage your cards on the go. Fare zone 5 is an outer zone of Transport for London's zonal fare system used for calculating the price of tickets for travel on the London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and, since 2007, on National Rail services. Visit the Transport for London website for the latest information on travelling safely and changes to services due to coronavirus.. Plan ahead and get around London safely with the TfL Go app, which helps you plan the best routes and travel outside of peak times to aid social distancing.. The London public transport system is divided up into zones that radiate from the centre. Watch the live traffic scenes along the most popular tourist attractions across Greater London. London is divided into nine fare zones, with zones 1 & 2 being central London, and then increasing in number the further outside the city you get. Travelcards are available on Oyster with validity in these zones. With 250 miles of lines, you should find the tube convenient, except if you stay beyond zone 3. Nearly all the hotels and the main sights are in Zone 1. Transport in London is operated is by TfL, which stands for “Transport for London”. A Abbey Road F3 Abbey Wood G4 Acton Central B3 Acton Main Line B3 Acton Town B3 Addington Village E6 Addiscombe E6 Albany Park G5 Aldgate E3 Aldgate East E3 Ce tarif peut dégringoler jusqu'à 2.75 € et croître jusqu'à 5.67 € selon la période et la ville. Underground - Tube. Check the cost of a single journey between two stations. Le métro de Londres est très cher comparativement à celui des autres capitales européennes. The below transport options will cover all the zones. This Live streaming Webcam displays numerous clips from London traffic cameras, provided by Transport for London (TfL). The zone was created in May 1983 and in January 1991 part of it was split off to create Travelcard Zone 6. Fare zones 7–9 are ancillary zones of the Travelcard and Oyster card fares scheme managed by Transport for London, used for calculating fares from some stations outside Greater London that are not in zones 4, 5 and 6. Heathrow Airport is in Zone 6 and the furthest zone out is Zone 9. Use a contactless card or device to travel on our transport. The current congestion charge zone covers the area within the London Inner Ring Road which includes both the City of London, which is the main financial district, and also the West End, which is London's primary commercial and entertainment centre. Oyster pay as you go. You need to pay the fare for all zones you travel through, not the zones of the stations you enter and exit.For example, if you start your journey in zone 3, travel via zone 1 and then exit a station in zone 2 on the other side of London, you need to pay for travel through zones 1-3 (£2.80 or £3.30) not zones 2-3. Although primarily a commercial area, there are also 136,000 residents, out of a total Greater London population of almost 9,000,000. TfL Oyster and contactless app. Single fare finder. Transports : prix d'un ticket de transport en commun à Londres en 2021 En général, pour s'acheter un ticket de métro ou de bus à Londres cela revient à 3.21 €.

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